my name is brittany and i’m 20 years old and my birthday is on october 28th. i’m currently taken by the best boyfriend in the entire world. he makes me happier than i deserve to be. i spend my life listening to lame bands and playing dumb video games and getting emotionally attached to fictional characters.


bands: of mice and men | bring me the horizon | suicide silence | we came as romans
video games: the last of us | bioshock | the sims | heavy rain | tomb raider | la noire | the walking dead game | grand theft auto | uncharted | beyond two souls
shows: the walking dead | skins | ghost adventures | friends | breaking bad | american horror story
youtube gamers: pewdiepie | rooster teeth | two best friends | cryaotic | theradbrad | nukemdukem
others: harry potter | miley cyrus | kristen stewart | animes | taylor swift | ellen page | twilight
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congratulations to all time low and Vic Fuentes for winning Song of the Year - A love like war!
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We Came As Romans - Hellfest 2014 (21/06/14) by StxJimmy on Flickr.
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Stray From The Path @ Susquehanna Bank Center on Flickr.
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I will always love you more

wow YEAH AWESOME the last of us REMASTERED, i cannot wait to buy it for the ps4 that i don’t have, woo!

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Asking Alexandria by muhreese on Flickr.
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Rob Wilden