3:31am: You fell asleep so imma text you random things.
3:34am: I love that dumb smile you make when I don’t say anything or I’m distracted.
3:34am: I love it when you laugh at things even though I sometimes don’t find them funny.
3:35am: I love that I can stuff my face and you can just watch me and I don’t have to feel selfconscious.
3:36am: I love that I don’t have to put on a show or not be myself because I’m comfortable about you. That’s rare for me.
3:36am: I love it when you laugh at yourself or when you think you said something silly.
3:37am: I love that you care so much about me even though I never feel like I really deserve it. But that doesn’t mean I won’t love it anyways.
3:39am: I love that you treat me better than any guy has, ever. Which I still don’t know why or how I deserve this either but again I don’t care.
3:40am: I love all the things that you love like movies or games cause they make you happy and a lot of them make me happy too.
3:41am: I love how fucking cute you are and how you can look adorable even when you’re barely awake.
3:42am: And most of all I love that I can say all these things and more and really mean them. I would never stop listing all them but I don’t wanna bug you.
3:43am: But just for the hell of it, I love that you wouldn’t care. Cause I love you and you’re one of the best things to happen to me. I care about you so much.

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A Day To Remember by Ashley Lester on Flickr.